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Our Team of Amazon Specialist can help you to A to Z management of your Amazon Seller Central which includes Setting Up the Account, Optimizing your Products Listings, Processing your Orders, Boosting Up your Sales and so on. Not just this we will also help you boost your sales, providing detailed monitoring and counseling to ensure your success

Amazon Account Management

There are millions of people who are selling on Amazon, so you need a competitive edge in order to get Maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Obviously you don’t want to waste your money and bury your products on Amazon. You already know the Amazon market dominance and you surely want to be the part of the biggest marketplace of the world but you don’t know how to do so.

You don’t know how to be the part of this huge eCommerce Market? How to get started? How to select winning products? How to source them? How to maximize your budget?

MH Tech Solutions team of Amazon experts helps you to create a strategy according to your needs and scenario to get maximum ROI.

Product Research and Hunting

Amazon product research remains one of the most decisive factors. There are many Amazon hunting product ideas out there but most of them have already been taken. MH Tech Solutions believes that there is a lot of hard work required for Amazon product hunting. Our Amazon product hunting ideas come from different sources. With millions of products on Amazon and thousands added every week, there is always room for more products on the world’s largest online retail marketplace. We keep updated with the latest product hunting trending products. Always researching and finding profitable products. The aim is to offer product hunting eligible for FBA and for that we have diversified searching criteria, not relying on any single channel for searching the right product to sell on Amazon.

Product Sourcing

AMAZON FBA sourcing is the most crucial job for an Amazon seller, and it takes some time … great deals of time … So we are here to assist!

When we have a brand-new sourcing project can be found in, initially, we require you to fill the form. Our team will source the item, offer with all elements of the purchase, quality guarantee, certifications (FDA, FCC, SGS, and so on), marketing materials (photography, design  and copywriting), product preparations for FBA, shipping preparation to FBA, shipping, United States customs details , and so on. Our specialists will keep you in the loop at all times. You will be making your own decision along the way (beginning with prices, logo design and graphic style, photography, shipment choices..).

Amazon Product Listing & Optimization

Product Listing is the most integral part in the whole process of selling on Amazon. Products Listing Includes many things from researching the content to finding relevant keywords. Keywords play the most significant role in drawing customer’s attention to your products. Its very important to target the best ranking and relevant keywords in the title, bullet points and description to increase the visibility of the product. We’ve to keep the Amazon’s listing guidelines in mind.

Our Listing Specialist helps you to create an optimized listing that will surely boost your organic ranking and sales. The overall listing optimization process includes:

  • Content optimization to make your titles, bullet points and descriptions to according to amazon listing rules
  • Images optimization ensures your pictures are of high quality, professional and perfectly sized and framed correctly
  • Ensure product placement in the suitable category
  • Keyword research that will boost your organic ranking and hence increase your sales
  • Competitor research to explore the other ways and opportunities that sells

Pricing Strategy

Choosing the right price is one of the most critical step to increase the listing ranking, conversions and revenue. Because choosing the wrong price and often changing the listing prices has a negative impact and you can be penalized by Amazon on this which results in most of the scenarios listing demotion of rank and often cause listing suppression. In order to avoid these overheads our Amazon Specialist Team helps you to create an optimized pricing strategy for your listings which includes the following steps:

  • Extensive competitor analysis to find the best price
  • Price Audit, in order to examine the exact product cost and the Amazon fees so your profit margin will be in your specified slab

Amazon Advertising (PPC Campaigns)

Amazon is a flooded market of giant sellers, where you’ve to pay to play. Top brands use PPC campaigns to distinguish themselves. Our Amazon advertising experts helps you to get into this world by providing:

  • Sponsored Products Management
  • Sponsored Brand Management
  • Product Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Amazon AI Advertisement Management

Amazon Catalog Organization

The catalog directly relates to the brands profile. If you are building a brand on Amazon, your entire catalog is a perfect reflection of your company. You surely want people to be attracted to your branded area if you’re running a brand on Amazon.

If you are going to make a brand or already have a brand on Amazon, your catalog having all of your products should be properly categorized in suitable categories and sub-categories and must have organized parent-child product variations. Optimal categorization helps the visibility of your products and improve the BSR while Quality variation relationship listings help buyers compare and select products based on different attributes, such as color or size, from options on a product detail page.

We can help you to organize your catalog by:

  • Correctly categorizing your products into categories and sub-categories
  • Create optimal and organized parent-child variations

Amazon Brand Registry

You must have a trademark in order to register your brand on Amazon. Brand registry gives a great control to seller over their listings. With Amazon brand registry seller gain powerful search tools to find content in different Amazon stores as well as allows you to utilize Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). MH Tech Solutions Branding Consultant helps you to maximize your Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) efforts with which brand owners can change the descriptions of Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) by using Amazon A+ Tools. Adding EBC to product detail pages can help increase traffic, conversion rates and sales.

We also take care that none of your competitor is violating on your copyrights and selling your products illegally. We help you to ensure the Buy Box Leech removal by sending legal action to the listing hijackers and hence your products and This helps protect you against Amazon leech scams to protect your store, your products and your brand.

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